About us

Who We Are


We are a team of business savvy professionals possessing strong technology and industry specific skills whom enjoyed working together and providing timely, quality solutions. We have enabled and supported some of the largest business transformation projects in telecoms, digital, education and healthcare industries in the US, South Americas, Africa and Asia by creating forward looking and high performing solution architectures, offering implementation support, industrial standards and best practice advising.

Talent Development & Knowledge Transfer Network (ktNetwork)

We are committed to changing the ICT landscape in technologically disadvantaged countries through quality ICT education, and bridging the ICT application gap between educational institutions of these countries and those of the developed world. We share the view that integrating modern ICT technologies in the teaching and learning processes would make graduates of developing countries more competitive in the emerging global marketplace - a necessary first step to producing the right type of graduates to lead a country’s transition into a competitive economy.

Our Approach

ktnResources have created a unique service approach to technology solutions; our goal is to deliver value to our clients by evaluating our clients environment, business operations and industrial experience to understand, in all dimensions, the biggest challenges and frustrations around their work. Only then are we able to solve significant problems or otherwise motivate to provide values to the client.

Our team of consultants would then apply innovative thinking, practical tools, services and high-powered technology to unearth business value, define a plan of action and solve the business issues. Our strategy would focuses on addressing their immediate challenges and meet their long-term goals.

ktnResources have created two service fronts to address critical shortage of skills in the emerging digital economy. The ktNetwork (a knowledge transfer Network program) focuses on empowering corporate IT departments towards smoother implementation of their ICT projects. Navigating the planning, implementation, and management of projects in today's complex IT landscape without adequate experience and expertise can be difficult and expensive. It requires hands-on experience and enterprise-proven architects. Companies need a partner they can trust, one that deeply understands their specific IT industry and has extensive real-world experience.

The University Connection, on the other hand, is a program created to address the urgent ICT needs in the universities and higher Institutes in technologically disadvantage countries. It's a unique educational experience for university and college students. An experience that focuses on the innovations that matter and offers a wide range of modern technology education benefits to help students prepare for the unique challenges of the 21st Century digital economy.


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