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Digital Applications

New technologies are accelerating the pace of business, but existing business and IT approaches lag behind. The emerging digital economy demands different approach to ICT solutions; companies need to fundamentally redefine the business of applications. Realize the benefits of innovative business models and modern technologies. It's not only necessary for sustaining growth; it's a smart strategy.

Education Technology

On average, there is little or no aggregation and efficient processing of students data in most school systems in technologically disadvantaged countries. Information gathering is mostly manual, paper-siloed, redundant and difficult to share. The technologies used - if any - are frequently unreliable. The need for a systems that will enhance the education experience of the students and teachers, is long overdue.

University Connection & Talent Development

University Connection is a brand of Professional Education Model that offers a unique educational experience for university and college students. An experience that focuses on the innovations that matter and offers a wide range of modern technology education benefits to help students prepare for the unique challenges of the 21st Century digital economy.

Cloud & Digital Computing

The race is on! As organizations are rapidly moving their infrastructures and services to the cloud, are you in good hands? Learn how to leverage transformative digital technologies to increase business productivity and effectiveness, and gain business advantage.

Business Process Automation

Businesses used to waste time and capital on manual, repetitive and error-prone tasks. Intelligent and business process management technologies are enabling organizations to drive process improvement, gain efficiency and timely results, while reducing cost, variability and risk.

IT Assets Lifecycle Management

Smart Organizations minimize risks, save time and money by avoiding unnecessary asset purchases. IT equipment replaced with newer and faster technology still has significant market value. We recover, refurbish & re-market


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